Thursday, January 13, 2011

: ive moved! :

hi, again.

so, my other blog, i have been a blogging machine.
over here?
umm, not so much.

I HAVE DECIDED TO POST 100% on my other blog.

follow me here.
i will be posting vegan recipes, along with my crafty, diy and homemade goodness.
[at least] once a week, i will be doing a blog post on what i am making, how to make it and how great it looks.

come on over.
see you.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

here i am.
[my computer was out of commission for a week]
[and i have been creating my butt off]
[annnnnd i made 90% of our christmas gifts]

right now, blake is working on creating a website for me.
in the next few weeks, i am hoping to import my blogs, my store, and a bunch of other goodness all in one space.

i apologize for not posting anything vegan-ish.
right now, we are in small-town iowa and very few choices.
we went out to dinner tonight, and i have to say, i had cheese. lots of cheese.
and the thing is, there isnt one place we can go in town and have a 100% vegan meal.
[i did have a HUGE salad tonight, and a few breadsticks]

christmas was good.
my mother [other than my sister] is the only member in my family to honor/understand veganism.
on christmas eve, we had three soups. a beef stew, a hamburger soup and a veggie stew [made with veggies from our csa share]. it was so, so good. even people that didnt like veggies ate it, and loved it.

oh man, i could drink these alllllll the time.
well, not the nog one.
thats blakes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Food challenge : day 1

I said I would start yesterday.

emotional rollercoaster.
(going downnnnnn)

yesterday : breakfast.

I'm boring.
we have a bakery up the block that sells day old bread for $.99 (why do they have other countries currencies, but not a cents sign?!)
I eat two pieces of toast with earth balance spread.
and yesterday I had plain coconut milk.
no thanks.

and tonight : birthday dinner
I had the most stressful birthdays in the history of stressful birthday days.
all I wanted was luce.

and let me tell you : they soooo let me down.
we had some vegan greek pizza with garlic bread.
not good.
we did get an entire bags of mints though.
b told the lady I was having a rotten day and viola!

- you should follow my blog. cuz I am pretty neat.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

365 day challenge : day 15

craft day.

I felt like I worked my butt off today.
I did.
I got a lot done.

I sold two scarves yesterday.
and took two custom orders.
annnnd, I finished a different order today.
just cruising right along.

we took a few more pictures today of more items that will be in the store this week.
it's been fun for Blake to be the photog and I have been the model.
Tyra, where are you?!?

this week, I have a million HUGE goals.
all of these need to be turned into creations.

I'd like to do one more craft fair before holiday.
I am having a birthday.
(good job, mom!)
neidecker Christmas.
annnnd, this week, I am making allll of our holiday gifts.

miss our faces?!?!
check your mailbox this week!

annnnd, seriously : buy a scarf (or hat). everyone is doin it.

- you should follow my blog. cuz I am pretty neat.

New idea!

it is not easy trying to own (and start) your own business, work part-time for someone else, workout, bike commute to work, eat right, keep up with my mile long to-do list, try to reacclimate to minnesota, keep a clean apartment, destress and try to be a good human to the people in my life.

this blog has been taking a backseat and it's been driving me nuts.

on my other blog ( I blog everyday and take a picture of one thing (anything!) each day.

so, I have decided to do something similar.
starting tomorrow, I will be posting one thing on here everyday.
and each day, it will be something food related.
what I ate.
what I made.
what I want to eat.
(you get the picture...)

so, follow along.
(and my other blog, too)

see you tomorrow!

- you should follow my blog. cuz I am pretty neat.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

bad blogging.

im stressed.
times a million.
i ate m&ms the other day.

right now, not sorry.

ill blog soon.

i [re]started the 365 challenge on my other blog.
you can lurk me over there if you want.
im not much more exciting, but at least im blogging.


and i checked out 6 HUGE books from the lib.
after tomorrow, im taking a crafting break.
and just reading.
a lot.

i need it.

oh yeah,

Thursday, November 25, 2010


quick post.
im super tired.
and thankful.

sooooooo, right now
[like right this second] at my etsy shop, i have 40%+ off of EVERYTHING in my shop.
no need to shop at big box stores.
support local & handmade artists.
sale ends at the end of saturday.

stock up.
tell your friends.